Pin Stiff is a song off the album Drawing Lines by Eth Eonel. It was originally written in 1989 for the project Kenner, when Eth was only 10. With lyrics in Norwegian, the original title was Jeg elsker livet ("I love life").

The current lyrics, written in 2009, derives from the original, but spins further on the thoughts of 10 year old Eth, what he thought he was and what he became. A new demo was recorded in January 2010, and is planned to be released in June 2010. In the new arrangement the original slow 3/4 rhythm is replaced with a consistent, driving 4/4.


Pin stiff, pin stiff, pin stiff
You’ll grow up to be a straight riff
if you walk, walk, walk fine
boring stiff on a straight line

Mine is a different road
I have payed what I owed
and sowed seeds to grow
oh, what a shame if it fails!

Nails on, nails on chalkboard
you can leave if you are bored
or do you like it this way?
I love my own life, anyway

(And it loves) me, my soul and I
balling eye to eye
with a well developed brain
I guess that stiff was not in vain