Magic Music was a band formed in 1994 with Kenneth Holter (Eth Eonel) on vocals and bass guitar, Kristian Nordgård on guitar and additional vocals and Jan Gordon Tobiassen on piano. Shortly after forming the band, Tobiassen left and Magic Music became a duo.

The band recorded a few demos in their first era, from 1994-1995. There were two different approaches, one where Eth Eonel wrote all the music, and also ended up recording it alone, and the other where Kristian would write a guitar riff or a complete melody, and Eth would add lyrics and vocals. Notable songs would be the band defining Righteous Reaction, Eth's introvert and experimental Strange Sounds, and Kristian's tribute to Jimi Hendrix: Story Of Life.

A few recording's were made when the band was reunited shortly in 2000. Especially the tracks Magic Music, Parts II and III are notable.

In 2003, Kristian called Eth Eonel to ask him to join his new band as a singer. If he had said yes, this band would probably be seen as a continuation of Magic Music. Eth Eonel had to decline, though, and the role as vocalist eventually was given to Eth's cousin Kenneth Refvik. The band was called Common Souls, and is still active, with a different line-up.