Hánaxre Mais Degm A Swelm is a song from the album Drawing Lines by Eth Eonel. It was originally written in 1989 with the title Aocra, sung in a make believe celtic language. The 2011 version is written in the language éons mel, a language Eth Eonel has created, based on celtic languages. The title means Ten words of good advice to myself.


Original lyrics in Éons mel
English translation
O éonse: helún ny e aslow
As the first, don't forget to dream
Wón: glen gúlse ux éwil ogneow
Secondly, be honest towards your own will
Dryn: herawd sesgele, snygele neow horsa
Thirdly, perform positivity, save your negativity
Seak hlós, o koërse
Keep a pet, as the fourth

Quon, heórseron kúnle, embux ny a dywle
Fifthly, prioritize sleep, but don't overdo it
... Kunesa su, hwon olser su weord
... One can sleep when one gets older
Kers ólin, o hixe, hen eow, hen amrwyle
Put the past, as the sixth, behind you, away from thought
... Bodlúre is, hy bodl ewr
... Fossils are the things that are dug up
Swem, fwy wénum, agte, leyk slódhena líke galse.............................
Seven, eat healthy, eight, let the senses rule your body
Naw, briwdelon a sum, en melsexn, go konalse
Nine, depend on someone, and lastly, hold on to it

Hánaxre mais degm a swelm
Ten words of good advice to myself
Frux mais hwonx asémihelm
Use wisely, when apropriate