elfoeth4.jpgEth Eonel (real name Kenneth Holter; born February 12, 1979 in Larkollen, Norway) is a Norwegian singer, composer and music producer. He is the founder of Eonel Sound, were he works as a recording engineer, mixer, masterer, composer, lyricist, musician, tutor and sound artist.


Born into a musical family, Kenneth began singing at an early age. At the age of 4, he was in a band project with his older brother and father, called Tutti Frutti. They recorded two amateur cassettes in 1984 and 1987. After this, Kenneth made a few demos under the name Jak-Ulv (translates to ”yak wolf”), before starting the band Önkel Renate in 1991 (aged 12). Önkel Renate, an alternative pop/rock band, recorded two amateur cassettes, ”Neue Schlägers” (1991) and ”Time Warp” (1992) before splitting up.

His next band, Magic Music, formed in 1994 and made quite a few demo recordings before splitting up. Kenneth continued to write music during his high school and university years. In 2003, Kenneth, now under the stage name Eth Eonel, formed the band Aloysius, for which he was singer, keyboardist and lyricist, until leaving the band in 2006. They appeared with two songs on a sampler CD called "Brænderirock", and played Hamar Music Festival in 2005.

In 2006, he went to NTNU in Trondheim to study Music Technology. During his time in Trondheim, he formed Trondheim Thereminorkester together with fellow students. His music was also featured in an installation at Storåsfestivalen in 2007, and he played (as Little Horse Deep) at the Støy på Landet festival in 2008.

While working on his first solo projects, Eth Eonel worked out rigid rules regarding how his music is to be released. All the music that he makes is released, no exception, and all releases include the songs in order of chronology, as they were written. Also, Eth Eonel always writes very personal lyrics - they are all his personal ideas, thoughts, views, feelings and dreams. Thus, all Eth Eonel releases tell a chronological story of Eth Eonel's song writing evolution and of his personal life.

Eth Eonel's first release was his master's degree assignment in Music Technology, an album called Drawing Lines (1989), a collection of his very first songs, which he wrote as a ten year old.


Eth Eonel: Drawing Lines (1989) - Eonel Sound, 2011

Bands and projects

Tutti Frutti (1983-1987) – vocals
Önkel Renate (1991-1992) – vocals and drums
Black Stallions (1994) – vocals
Magic Music (1994-1995, 2000) – vocals, bass, keyboards and drum programming
Eth Eonel (2003--) – everything
Aloysius (2003-2006) – vocals and keyboards
Little Horse Deep (2005 --) – everything
78-9 Exultation Wave Ensemble (2005-2007, ?) – vocals, keyboards and drum programming
Syncronitus (2006-2007) – vocals
Trondheim Thereminorkester (2006-2009) – theremin and Kaoss Pad


Monophobe (2004) – vocal session for the song Metermind, and the song Rain was also written during this session, later to be recorded and released by Eth Eonel
Exquisite Corpse (2005) – mixing session for the track Weeping Corpse
Endless Sea (2005-09) – vocal sessions, lyrics and additional mixing on the songs Frail, Breaking the Circle, In Time and more