Drawing Lines is a song off the album Drawing Lines by Eth Eonel. It was originally written in 1989, when Eth was 10 years old, and had the title I love my baby. It was first recorded in 1989 on cassette with a project called Kenner. The current lyrics was written in 2009, and deals with the concept of growing up, remembering and how life seems to move in cycles.

A new demo of the song in new arrangement was recorded starting in December 2009 and finished January 14, 2010. It is planned to be released in June 2011.


"A time, blue"

A life lived in tens, first once
later twice and thrice
and so it goes, the advice
is in between the lines of what becomes
Colors counted three
a sea of memories

Drawing lines seen
in time, red, blue, green

And so it goes, life goes, on you go
patterns and rough lines
rises up, then declines
in between the years of all you know
I counted them this far
and threw away my "love you"s

Drawing lines through
a time, green, red, blue

Reading all the signs
colors, shapes plus minds
processing what it finds
A head contoured, aligns

Drawing lines ahead
of time, blue, green, red