Another Failure (1989) is an album by Eth Eonel. Released on April 1, 2016Another Failure ny liten.jpg, it is his second solo album. It is also the second in a series of releases giving a complete, chronological account of Eth Eonel's songwriting. All the songs on the album were originally written in 1989. It is a concept album both musically and lyrically. The album consists of 10 tracks, 3 of which are sung in Eth Eonel's own artificial language, éons mel. On this album, Eth Eonel did everything himself, even the mastering.

Catalog number, issues, releases

The album was released digitally through all the most popular online vendors, with catalog number ES0002Digital. It was distributed through IndiGoBoom, using Phonofile's technical solutions.

Tracklist and time

1. First (04:37)
2. And To Receive (09:20)
3. Ep Hoedler (02:24)
4. Black Eyes (04:45)
5. All That Follows (07:17)
6. I Koidls Dyfn (03:31)
7. Why Do You Break My Heart? (05:05)
8. Hondeheád (03:57)
9. Vogue For A New Kind Of Hero (04:25)
10. Of The Faulty Arc (08:30)

Total time: 53:51


Eth Eonel - music and lyrics, lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drum programming, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork.

Musical and lyrical concepts

The main concept behind Another Failure (1989), is the fact that the songs on the album originally were written in 1989, when Eth Eonel was ten years old. As with the previous album the songs have been rearranged and rerecorded with new lyrics.

As well as being a concept album musically, this album is also Eth Eonel's first real concept album lyrically. It tells a very specific story about his first (puppy) love and subsequent broken heart.