Ambiguous Field Of Definition (2005)

This album by Eth Eonel contains songs written in 2005. Track 2, Awake, was originally written as a song for Aloysius, but it was never introduced to the band. When Eth finally recorded it in 2008, it was in a different arrangement than intended originally. This recording was played to producer Gary Bromham during a music technology course, and he called it "very innovative". Track 4, Dream, was the first song Eth started to record for The Heffernan Effect, the album that later became the double album Ambiguous Field Of Definition, which in turn was divided into four seperate albums.


1. Prelude 12.03. tekstbok (deeper meaning)
2. Awake (x) 29.04.
3. Interlude 23.07. Tora-sang
4. Dream (x) 09.2005
5. Fear (/) 09.2005
6. Idea (/)
7. Have You Heard? (x) 09.2005 Cause
8. In My Language kjøleskapspoesi + mistaking loving for lying
9. Indeterminate (/)
10. Well (x)
11. - idé 6.11.05 (piano)
12. Yuletide