Aloysius is a Norwegian rock band situated in Hamar, that featured Eth Eonel as vocalist, lyricist and keyboardist until 2006. When he joined in December 2003, the band was nameless, had been going through a lot of line-up changes and did mostly cover songs. The band members all began writing songs, and Eth wrote the lyrics. He also came up with the name Aloysius. Eth co-wrote 13 songs while in Aloysius, they appeared on one compilation cd and held three concerts, one during Hamar Music Festival.

While he was in the band, it consisted of Eth Eonel on vocals and keyboard, Ola Brustad on solo guitar, Kenneth Grønlien on rhythm guitar, Erik Eriksen on bass and Arnt Godager on drums. Eth left in August 2006 to study Music Technology in Trondheim,

Current line-up

Thor-Magne Jensen - vocals
Arnt Godager - drums
Ola Brustad - solo guitar
Kenneth Grønlien - guitar
Erik Eriksen - bass
Silje Kirkevold - keyboard

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